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Taking the bull by the horns…

In our continuing series of guest speakers and bloggers, we were able to hear from local Boston-based video blogger, Steve Garfield, author of the book “Get Seen,” a how-to guide on how to create and share videos and other related media across the web.

Garfield, a blogger since 1997, began his video blogging career completely self-taught in 2004. Without any reliable sources on how to properly begin recording and posting video, Garfield dove head first in hopes of figuring it out all himself.

Now Garfield finds himself an on again, off again contributor to New York based rocketboom.com, along his own website stevegarfield.com, which would also be Garfield’s biggest piece of advice to our class, register your own domain name and keeping all your other blogs and social networking devices under your own name, simplicity is the key.

Garfield now finds himself covering everything from the unveiling of the newest in electric cars, to a series of videos covering voting in Massachusetts, which then found themselves on the BBC’s web site, bringing home the point that no vlogger is too small to make an impact.

Sometimes Garfield creates these reports on nothing more than his iPhone, streaming his videos through sources like Qik.com and saving them to YouTube.

After showing our class a video he recorded on the new Chevy Volt, the issues of privacy in a video blogging world came up after a woman interrupted his interview and Garfield decided to not stop recording.

“In a public place, there is no expectation for privacy, she knew it was an interview, she wanted to participate in the reporting, so I think it’s fine,” Garfield said.


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