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Beat That Dead Horse, Boston: Film edition

Remember those brief, gleaming even, moments of Mass. becoming the next big behemoth of the film industry, even going so far as to try to dub the project Hollywood East? Which was kicked into action by Mitt Romneys tax credit that was later given a bigger push by Deval to try and lure those fancy pants executives up to the Bay State? Well it seems even Mr. Patrick himself has decided to play the dream a little more realistically this time, with Loaded Gun Boston reporting the tax incentive is getting a bit of a slash.

With Gov. Deval Patrick’s latest budget proposal slotted to restrict tax credits for the film industry–slashed to $50 million a year for 2010 and 2011–expect a meaner and leaner film-production season in 2010.

However, Loaded Gun goes on to mention the original 25% incentive will stay in place and save production companies a good couple hundred a million, so all hope isn’t entirely lost. But it still seems that the state has yet to realize that they should probably play this gameĀ  a lot slower than they have been. Do you also remember the big fancy Plymouth Rock Studios? How it was going to become the foundation for the big Hollywood East movement and really show the west that the east coast could very well be a competitive force in the film making industry? Well, then do you also remember the company slowly crumbling at the seems, losing its main source of financing and now scrambling just to stay alive? Well, it seems they are at it again.

Yep, Universal Hub made a post a bit ago about interest in trying to build yet ANOTHER movie studio, this time in the heart of Boston, even going so far as to recommend a possible location.

I’d propose a third possibility: The old Stop & Shop warehouse off Neponset Valley Parkway in Readville. It’s a huge, now mostly dormant facility, with plenty of room for expansion. It’s not that far from 128 and it has its own rail spur for Tom or Ben’s private train.

The issues never really been about finding a proper place, but just raising enough interest in not only Boston but Mass. itself as a viable entity in movie making. Sure, a good handful of films have been made here, but really, I don’t think any major studio is still entirely sold on the ability to create an entire production from start to finish in this state. Having the space available is a great thing to note, but it’s definitely not what is needed to start with. The tax credit was the best solution, but as we have seen, it’s not the most enticing thing unto itself. Trying to go straight to big blockbuster creations is the wrong way to go about it. Do I have the solution? No, but well, thats not my job either. So keep trying Boston, but lets learn from the Plymouth Rock fiasco and dial down the intensity. Thanks.


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