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Starting from scratch

It’s the all too familiar story that has begun to be told over and over again, Jennifer Paluzzi was a reporter and editor for Framingham’s, MetroWest Daily News, excelling in some of the difficult stories other writers often threw their hands up on giving up. Then, in October of 2008, the proverbial rug was pulled under her and Paluzzi found herself without a job and in a journalist job market with almost no place to go, well, except into…..PR.

“Everyone expected me to go into PR,” said Paluzzi, ”but I had a Plan B.”

A resident of Grafton, Paluzzi always found herself disappointed in the lack of quality news coverage in the towns only newspaper. It would take an ordinary conversation at a school bus stop to light the fuse inside her and focus more time on her blog, GreaterGrafton.com, covering the towns meetings and raising concerns over the construction of a new high school in town.

Paluzzi now finds herself behind the centralmassnews community of local news blog, covering everywhere from Milbury to Shrewsbury. All of these sites follow the formula of her GreaterGrafton blog, focusing on small town issues that are of great interest to the citizens and parents of each respective area concerned about their neighborhoods and local schools.

Paluzzi noted the constant importance of video and photos for sites like these to thrive, as well as snow day tickers listing school closures and other closures around town. Each site also uses the power of social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter to gain stronger followings, and send out daily emails to give readers constant coverage.

And in perhaps the biggest of twists out of this story, Paluzzi finds herself the rare editor in Journalism today, the one that’s hiring.


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