Bringing the ‘Hurt’

So early (and I mean 5:40 in the am early) this morning, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released it’s nominations for the 82nd annual Academy Awards, and even the most cynical of cynics inside me was pleasantly surprised at the nominations and lack of serious snubs (for the most part at least). Who were the two biggest winners of the evening, in the category of “stories you couldn’t even dream of writing” Katherine Bigelow and ex-husband James ‘King of the swimming pool full of gold doubloons World’ Cameron both lead the pack with 9 nods for their efforts, ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Avatar,’ respectively. So lets begin with the nominations, who should win, who probably will win and who got screwed over, shall we?

Best Picture

The grand daddy of awards this year was stretched out to 10 nominations for the first time, which, even though the field is pretty much closed in on 3 films, it’s a nice move to give some otherwise would be overlooked films some respect.

Who will/should win: This race has always been really between Cameron’s “Avatar,” Bigelows “Hurt Locker” and Tarantinos “Inglorious Basterds.” Both Bigelow and Cameron have nabbed directing nods for their efforts, but Ms. Bigelow did take home the Directors Guild Award, which has always been a sign of things to come at the Oscars. Who will take home the gold man? As much as it pains me to think, it’s too close to really call, but I’m putting my faith down that Bigelow gets what she justly deserves.

Snubbed: Theres something to be said about “Crazy Heart” getting looked over in exchange for “The Blind Side”, but it’s not the biggest shock in the world.

Best Director

Who will win: Once more this is another head to head between Bigelow and Cameron. Something also tells me that the Academy may just be ballsy enough to split the big two wins between them and give this one to Cameron.

Snubbed: Neill Blomkamp completely re-energized the sci-fi genre with one of the years greatest came-from-nowhere films “District 9,” how he got left out of the pack is completely bizarre.

Best Actor

Who will/should win: This is Jeff Bridges year, hands down, no matter how amazing George Clooney was in “Up In The Air,” it’s time The Dude gets what he deserves for one of the finest performances of the year.

Snubbed: Sharlto Copley, a man who never acted before in his life, yet brought to life one of the most reviled characters you found yourself slowly rooting for, in his role as Wikus Van De Merwe in “District 9”

Best Actress

Who should win: Unless you have no soul, Gabourey Sidibe stole the hearts of any real movie watcher with her performance in “Precious,” and while I’m not entirely sold on the future of her career, she at least knocked it out of the park and then some in this film.

Who will win: No clue why, but this will probably got to Ms. Bullock, where the hell did “The Blind Sides” popularity come from people??? It’s astounding.


So those are the big 4, as for the rest of the list, Mo’Nique is pretty much guaranteed a win for Best Supporting Actress. As much as I lovvvvveeeeddd “Fantastic Mr. Fox” (and I despise every other Wes Anderson film, fact), Pixar will forever own the Best Animated Film category and anyone who is shocked by “Up”s win is a fool. “Avatar” will justly clean up every technical award under the son and even the film is awful in so many ways, it’s also probably the prettiest film visually ever made. And even though something tells me the Academy will give Best Documentary to “Food Inc.,” I’m still crossing my fingers for the controversial yet equally exceptional, “The Cove,” to take home the victory.

Lets hope March 7th is a slow work day for me, because I’m actually very excited to see what happens come Oscar night, especially after last years yawn fest.

Hurt Locker photo (cc) by Fan The Fire Magazine and Avatar photo (cc) by rxau and published here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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