Zzzz…sorry, what should I care about again?: Grammy Edition

So, I was toying with the idea of live-bloging the annual parade of the Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences complete incompetence Grammys, but I got out of work a little to late and my roommates also decided to use the living room, so well, that kind of put the cabash on that idea.

Alas, I kept up with my annual masochistic tradition and paid attention to who won, who got screwed over and those who never, ever, deserve to have the phrase “Grammy Award Winner” attached to their name, but do (Black Eyed Peas, I’m looking at you).

As to why I subject myself to this masturbatory show of the recording industries parade of successful P.R. campaigns and tween-minded product testing, I point you to the 2007 Grammy’s, which will probably be the last time the awards show does anything right. If you can’t remember that far back dear readers, that was the year the Dixie Chicks dominated the awards show for their post-Bush fiasco record, “Taking The Long Way,” which, in this bloggers humble opinion, is still one of the greatest contemporary Country records of all time and not to mention one of the angriest records of all time.

Now, I’m no fool, I know a large part of their Grammy sweep in ’07 was incredibly political and a big screw you to Bush on the Academy’s part, but I’m willing to let that go for the sheer fact that it was a) the greatest record of the year, and b) I also appreciate a big middle finger to the Ca$hville, TN music industry which ran with its tail between their legs and abandon the best thing to come out of that state’s music machine in decades.

This year is no different, I was incredibly disappointed weeks ago after reading the nominations list, whoever wrote down with a straight face Beyonce’s “…Sasha Fierce” as one of the best records of the year is nothing but a damned fool. Yes, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It”) took over the world last year and deserves all the praise and recognition in the world, but does the Academy really expect us to believe that and the Black Eyed Peas were two of the best albums of the year? Pah-lease. I was also highly amused by the Globe’s wonderful piece of “no fuckin’ duh” journalism in this little piece by Sarah Rodman, popularity is the key? Really? Someone give this lady a Pulitzer for BLOWIN’ MY MIND.

But well, it’s all said and done, Beyonce reigned supreme, people continued to let the Kings of Leon think they will be relevant in 2012, and justly Lady Gaga netted two wins (I will fight anyone that says Gaga doesn’t deserve any best Pop category award, fact). The Zac Brown Band got the kiss of death and won’t be heard of again after a few months. And, as in every year, the one hope I had for an artist getting their just praise failed miserably, it of course fell in the all so popular Best Contemporary Folk Album category, which I know you were all dying to see on the show, what a let down, with Neko Case getting screwed after releasing the  best record of last year “Middle Cyclone,”surprised? No, but well, like I said, I have a level of a hope that borders of masochism sometimes.

But hey, Lil Wayne didn’t get shit — so you win some and lose some.

Edit: Oh, and Elton John, you’re back in my good graces, welcome back. The song has always been “Meh” to me, but he definitely made this so much more epic.


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