Zzzz…sorry, what should I care about again?: Coachella 2010

Coachella Music & Arts Festival

As a new year dawns, so comes the rush to be excited over the cavalcade of music festivals that will bring us dreaming of summer. Per usual, the behemoth of indie music festivals, Coachella, released this week their 2010 lineup, with headlining spots going to Jay-Z….Muse….and Gorillaz. Wait, is this the same music festival that brought the world the long awaited My Bloody Valentine reunion? Kraftwerk? Cocteau Twins?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is still TONS to get excited for. Following suit with tradition, Coachella has a long awaited reunion show in Pavement, let’s just forget the fact that this reunion was announced last year. On the flip side, it seems Coachella is continuing a new tradition of bringing on acts that don’t quite follow their history of being on the cutting edge of bringing fresh acts to a large stage, be it last years Paul McCartney headline, Roger Waters and Prince of previous, with this years being Radiohead tribute band British superstars Muse to headline the second night.

Yet, there are some aspects of this years festival that do hold true to the festivals roots (snark free assessment, promise). From the long list of smaller, indie darlings (the xx, Florence and the Machine, Little Dragon, and Elitist Scum approved Little Boots) to the first US show of the recently hell frozen over reunion of Faith No More, and even Public Image Limited.

It still must be said that what makes a festival is the headliners, and it seems year after year what was once the music festival of record, has fallen to the likes to SXSW and Bonnaroo, favoring big name closers that don’t entirely follow the format of the rest of the festival, in order to sell tickets. Which then, hey, business is business, and who knows, maybe next years Ticketmasterchella 2011 will be an even better year, with the evenings closer Miley Cyrus really bringing the house down.


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