BBC Sound of 2010: Ellie Goulding

Last week the BBC released their yearly tastemaker “Sound Of…” list, giving a little publicity and exposure to new talent expected to get big in the coming year, with everyone’s favorite folk/electronica artist, Ellie Goulding taking the top spot this year, joining the likes of last years winner Little Boots and Adele who took the spot in 2008. The list is chosen by over 100 of Britain’s top music critics, broadcasters and industry insiders, who each select 3 rising artists or bands for the following year. Current and previous years nominees have included Marina and The Diamonds, Florence and The Machine, La Roux, Lady Gaga and Passion Pit.

This announcement comes after a rather fruitful few weeks for Goulding, winning the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice prize in early December, an appearance on the Times of London’s top ten acts of 2010 list, as well as a performance on the popular UK music talk show “Later…with Jools Holland” and a mini tour around the UK with last years Sound Of… winner, Little Boots.

Full disclosure time, I’ve been on the Ellie Goulding train for months now, and to finally see her get the push and success that she is receiving right now is fantastic. Granted, these lists don’t make stars overnight, or stars at all, and sometimes the BBC list just gets it wrong (yes, Little Boots has been having a stellar career this past year, but the fact she topped dance music behemoth Lady Gaga goes to show sometimes critics don’t know what the hell they are talking about).

I also have hopes this gives her the proper support to mature as an artist, her lyrics need some definite work, but I think this wave of pop artists that actually write their own lyrics and compose their own music and don’t feel the need to just jump on the sex sells bandwagon is something the industry desperately needs more and more of. Robyn hit it out of the park the last couple of years with her self titled record, so it seems an audience is here, hopefully to stay.

Ellie’s first single “Under The Sheets” (Neon Gold Records) received rather modest success for being released off a tiny tiny blog-centered label, reaching number 53 on the UK Singles Chart. And with the upcoming release of her debut album “Lights” (Polydor) coming in March with the first single off, “Starry Eyed” coming in late February, we won’t have to wait too long to see what success may come for the girl.


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